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A Bit About Me & This Page

Hi! My name is Stefanie and in the past I was sketching a lot and it makes me smile whenever I created something – from my point of view – aesthetic.

Unfortunatly I thought I’m neither creative nore tallented and most of my results did’t match my expectations. At this time I discovered Sketchbook Skool and joined the class „Character Design“.

It made a lot of fun and finally I created more and more sketches I’m still in love with.

After finishing the course I keept on practicing for a while but then – suddenly – I stoppt sketching. Meanwhile I’m at the same point where I was before I took the first class at Sketchbook Skool and none of my sketches are lovely anymore.

I did’t like my results of sketching and I thought it’s time to resuscitate my enthusiasm for sketching by participating in another class at Sketchbook Skool.

I hereby invite you to join me and overcome your own struggle to a more creative habit. Enjoy!