StefaMe | frustration with a but
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frustration with a but

Sometimes I scroll through Instagram or most of the time Pinterest and think to myself „I will never ever improve my sketching skills. Never!

It’s really frustrating to see all this great pictures of others created while thinking – No! knowing – that I will never be able to sketch like these talented people.

There is a hidden „but„, can you see it? But, that’s not the target, shouldn’t be and while I’m thinking about this „but“ I feel more and more comfortable with my weak sketching skills because there is and always will be someone who is more talented, better than me. In fact there is no reason to become better than anybody else because even if you focus on your job while thinking about the „but“ you will see, there is no need to downgrade yourself.

Do you agree? Fine!
Just do it an improve yourself while getting inspiration from others. Don’t get frustrated or even angry.

I will try do so and don’t let the frustration deadlock myself in doing what I enjoy even if there are and always will will be people out there who are better than me.

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